Livingston Municipal Library

Registration Guidelines

All customers wanting a library card must provide proof of current address. Such proof may be a current driver's license, I.D. card, voter's registration card, check, a recent letter or bill. This proof must be in the customer's correct name, or in the name of the customer's legal guardian or parent (when the customer is under the age of 18). Minor customers 10 years and older may obtain a library card.  However, the parent or legal guardian will be responsible for any fines, fees,  and lost or damaged books. Customers under the age of 18 must have the signature of their parent or legal guardian to obtain a library card.

All customers wanting a library card must provide the name and telephone number of a contact person.  The contact person must be an adult who knows the customer, and who would be able to pass on a message or who would know how to contact the customer.  If the customer does not have a local phone number, the contact person must have a local phone number. 

Temporary residents of Livingston may get a temporary card (if they are staying in the area at least 3 months) by providing proof of a current Polk County address and the name and telephone of a local contact person. The current address must be a proper mailing address, not a hotel room. They are required to provide their permanent address. A library card is then issued that expires at the end of their stay. Cards will not be issued for a period of less than 3 months.