Livingston Municipal Library

Interlibrary Loan Guidelines

1. Interlibrary loan is a service provided to Livingston Municipal Library as a member of the Texas Group Catalog, sponsored by the Texas State Library and the OCLC.  Customers can place their own requests by visiting, or a library staff member can place requests on behalf of the customer.

2. Books, audiobooks, educational videos, and microfilm may be borrowed through interlibrary loan.  Customers may also get copies of materials that do not circulate, such as articles from periodicals or pages from reference books.  Books that are recent releases (6 months old or newer) and bestsellers cannot be requested.

3. Customers borrowing materials through interlibrary loan will be charged $3.00 for each received.  This charge is to reimburse the library for the postage to return each item.  Customers are limited to four interlibrary loan requests at a time.

4. Only registered customers may request items from other libraries.  Non-resident customers will be required to pay a $1.00 fee for each interlibrary loan request made, in addition to the $3.00 postage reimbursement fee.  Temporary customers are not permitted to place interlibrary loan requests.

5. Customers may renew certain interlibrary loan items; some items may not be renewed (as determined by the lending library).  All renewal requests must be made before the due date listed on the item.  No items will be renewed on or after the due date.

6. Overdue interlibrary loan items will be charged the same fines as those items owned by Livingston Municipal Library.  There is no grace period for interlibrary loan items.  Books and movies are $0.25 per book per day; audiobooks are $2.00 per item per day.  Customers who damage or lose items borrowed from another library will be charged according to the policies established by that library.

7. Materials borrowed from another library may only be picked up by the customer requesting the item, or by another person as designated by the requester.