Livingston Municipal Library

Rules of Behavior

1. Livingston Municipal Library is a smoke-free building.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.

2. Only drinks in bottles with caps are allowed in the library.  Food and drinks are permitted in the WiFi lobby only.  Drinks are not allowed near computers.  Food is not allowed in meeting rooms or conference rooms except during functions sponsored by the library or in those cases where permission from the library director is obtained in advance.

3. Customers creating a disturbance in the library will be asked to leave the library premises.  This includes minor customers.

4. The library staff will call for police assistance if a customer refuses to leave the library premises.

5. Customers are required to wear appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, at all times in the library.

6. Customers who disturb or interfere with other customers' use of the facilities through extremely poor personal hygiene will be asked to leave until the problem is corrected.

7. Parents, guardians, and caregivers should be aware that the behavior of small children might at times be disruptive to other customers.  If a child is disruptive and cannot be quieted or calmed, library staff may request that the caregiver remove the child from the building.

8. An adult with a history of causing disruptions may be barred from using the library for a period of time to be determined by the library director.

9. Loitering on library property is prohibited.

10. No pets other than service animals are allowed in the library.  Service animals are allowed in the library in the performance of their duties, but a customer whose service animal's behavior poses a health or safety risk to other customers or staff will be asked to take the service animal off the premises.  The customer is then welcome to return to the library without the service animal.

11. Verbal abuse or language that is offensive to other customers or library staff will not be tolerated.  Those who use such language will be asked to leave the library premises.