Livingston Municipal Library

Memorial Guidelines

Contributions are tax deductible

Livingston Municipal Library's Memorial program is a practical way to pay a lasting tribute in memory or honor of a person you designate. The library completes a bookplate and secures it inside the front cover of the book purchased with your contribution. The result is a living memorial that will endure for years.  A printable Memorial Contribution form can be found here.

Acknowledgement Cards
An acknowledgement card is sent to whomever the contributor chooses, listing the name(s) of contributors along with the name of the person being remembered.  Acknowledgements are mailed either the day they are made or the following day to let the recipient know right away that you have chosen to honor their loved one.

How are books chosen?
You may suggest a specific subject. Sometimes it is hard to locate an appropriate book for the amount contributed.  In the event the amount is less than books of the type chosen, a subject will be chosen by the library director that would more closely fit the amount donated.

How will people know that the book is in memory of someone?
Anyone looking inside the book will be able to see whose contribution purchased the book and who it is in honor or memory of.

When will the book be available?
Memorial books are ordered when no less than 10 memorial contributions have been received.  Persons making a memorial may either call or come in after several months have gone by if they wish to see which book has been selected.  Sometimes a selected title gets cancelled, and an alternate title may be selected.

May I request a memorial by telephone?
Questions will be answered by telephone, but memorials cannot be purchased until after contributions have been received at the library.